Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Try Shakeology for FREE!


Hi there!! I’m so happy you are looking into trying Shakeology! It is truly the healthiest (and tastiest!) protein shake available. There are two ways to try it for free. The first being a free sample through me (there is a limited amount per month). The second way is detailed below. PLEASE READ the rest of this post before asking for a free sample! Thank you :)

So, why get a sample packet for free when you can get the ENTIRE BAG FOR FREE! Yup! You read that correctly! Did you know that Beachbody is backing up their Shakeology products with a BOTTOM OF THE BAG GUARANTEE? Shakeology works so amazingly well that you can actually have 30 ‘samples’ in a bag or 24 packets with different flavors (depending on which one you get) for the whole month! That means, you can try it every day, with different recipes in shakes and even with baked goods for a whole 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can cancel your order within those 30 days and get a FULL REFUND. If you’re honest with yourself, one sample pack that I’d give you won’t be enough to figure out if Shakeology is really for you. Yes, you’ll see it tastes great, but you won’t get the full benefits of Shakeology. If you get it for the whole month, you’ll realize you won’t have any more cravings, you’ll feel more energized, and it will help you lose weight! There are different flavors you can choose from – Vanilla, Chocolate, Greenberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Vegan, and Tropical Strawberry Vegan.

Here’s how to get it for free for 30 days:
Step 1: ORDEROrder which ever flavor you’d like! There are one-flavored bags and there are different flavored combo packets. Choose HD (Home Direct) to receive FREE SHIPPING, otherwise it would be around $12. Remember, if you don’t like it, you can cancel HD PLUS to get your full refund. There’s really no losing!

Step 2: DRINK IT EVERYDAY – You are drinking this for your health so take it seriously and commit to drinking it everyday! If you are looking to lose weight, as opposed to just drinking it for the nutrients and super-foods, then replace it with one meal or snack a day. If you’d like to learn to eat healthier and learn to eat clean, follow my blog or contact me and I’ll help you!

Step 3: DECIDE IF YOU’D LIKE TO KEEP IT – I’m sure you’ll FALL IN LOVE with Shakeology like we all have. However, if you want to cancel it, do so within the first month (at least three days before the 30 days are up) and you’ll receive your FULL REFUND. If you’d like to keep it, you don’t have to do a thing since it’s already on Home Direct. See? Easy peasy!

Check out this video to see how AWESOME Shakeology is! It’s clinically proven to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, and lose weight. This super short video will explain all of that in detail :)


>> Now it’s time to decide. <<


(I’ll need your address and preferred Shakeology flavor).
Note: Before doing so, you have to create a FREE Team Beachbody account and have me as your free coach. If you already have a coach, please contact them for a free sample. This free sample is meant to introduce Shakeology to those who do not have a coach and to those who have not tried Shakeology before. If you already have a Team beachbody account but do not know who your coach is then contact me to have me as your new coach.

If you have any questions or just want to tell me how AMAZING Shakeology is please feel to email me any time!